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Polyester Groups-English Items

  1. Inspiration Big Cushion 31x31 cm.

  2. Inspiration  Cushion (size: 23X16 cm.)

  3. Mini Pillow Memo Holder (size: 8 x 5.5 cm)   

  4. Mini Pillow Key Holder (size: 8 X 5.5 cm) 

  5. Mini Pillow Key Holder not edge (size: 7X 5.5 cm) 

  6. Mini Polyester Scrolls  9.5x13.5 cm

  7. Inspiration Polyester Soft Bookmarks  5 x 20 cm. each in polybag  
    Inspiration Single Side Flag with Plastic Stand  15 x 10 cm.  each set in polybag

  9. Inspiration Brass Stick Hanging Banner  10.5 x 13 cm.     each in polybag

  10. Inspiration Brass Stick Hanging Banner   27 x 19 cm.    each in polybag

  11. Inspiration Brass Stick Hanging Banner   23.5 x 30 cm.    each in polybag

  12. Inspiration Brass Stick Hanging Banner with Suction cup  12 x 12 cm. each in polybag